Beneficiary: Hrvatske ceste d.o.o.

Location of project implementation: Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

Fund: European Regional Development Fund

Operational programme: Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020

Value of the project: 520,010,000.00 HRK

Grant amount: 442,008,500.00 HRK

Description of the project: The aim of the project is to build the connecting road DC403 from the Škurinje node on the A7 motorway, which is part of the TEN-T, to the Port of Rijeka, which is defined as basic network port. The road will deliver a direct connection of the basic port to TEN-T, improve regional and local mobility as well as increase traffic safety. The estimated length of the main route is 2.977 km. The planned state road DC403 connects the existing Škurinje node on the Rijeka bypass and the western part of the Port of Rijeka (the main port-container terminal Zagrebačka obala-under construction) and thus represents the missing connection of the basic Port of Rijeka with the TEN-T network.
In addition, the mentioned project also provides a link to the Rijeka city center, reduces traffic congestion, increases traffic safety and increases the competitiveness of local economies through better accessibility to other markets using a new transport route.
The project includes the construction of several facilities of which the more significant are: tunnel Podmurvice (approx. 1253 m), Viaduct Piopi (approx. 316 m), Viaduct Mlaka (approx. 144 m).
Also, this project will provide a positive effect on projects outside the transport sector, especially in the segment of projects related to the ICT sector, as it will run pipes that will allow the installation of optical infrastructure.

(Photo by: Google images)