Beneficiary: Ponikve voda d.o.o.

Location of project implementation: Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

Period of project implementation: 2017-2020

Fund: European Regional Development Fund

Programme: Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion

Value of the project: 638,641,571.00 HRK

Total eligible costs: 510,913,257.00 HRK

Grant amount: 369,138,660.00 HRK

Description of the project: Project objectives:
• Improving the public water-supply system for the purpose of ensuring quality and safety of drinking-water supply, through the reconstruction of the existing water-supply network in the construction sections of a new drainage network in the length of 38.7 km, which contributes to the improvement of the supply of water for 3800 inhabitants
• Development of waste-water drainage and treatment system with the aim to cover 85,000 inhabitants with improved treatment of waste-water and contributing to water status improvement
Basic elements of the project:
• Construction of gravity and pressure sewers and submarine outfalls (total length of 86.2 km with 26 pumping stations), repairs on coastal collectors (2,969 m, 331 shaft)
• Construction of 2 waste-water treatment plants – Baška (new device at new location with the capacity of 14,000 PE) and Klimno-Šilo (new device with the capacity of 7,500 PE with mechanical pretreatment and biological treatment)
• Upgrading of 4 waste-water treatment plants to secondary, biological treatment (Omišalj capacity 7,000 PE, Malinska – Njivice capacity 25,000 PE, Krk capacity 19,000 PE, Punat capacity 12,500 PE) and construction of a central plant for sludge composting from device
• Reconstruction of 38.7 km of water-supply network in parallel with the construction of sewerage.
• Procurement of sludge transport equipment, equipment for maintenance of public drainage system, CCTV (inspection of fecal collectors with camera), improvement of GIS (Geographic Information System), individual pumping stations and water meters
• Project management services, project supervision and promotion

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