Beneficiary:  County Port Authority Cres

Location of project implementation: Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

Implementation time: 11.05.2015-31.12.2021

Fund: Cohesion Fund

Program: Competitiveness and Cohesion

Value of the project: HRK 39,200,000.00

Grant amount: HRK 29,200,000.00

Description of the project: The project is aimed at building the outer protective breakwater, six meters wide and 185 meter long, and reconstruct and upgrade the coastal part in the length of 280 meters, with the width of the extension procedure of the coast towards the sea from 2 to 11 meters. The realization of the project will provide secure docking and mooring of ships operating regular service under any weather condition, and thus the stability of maritime transport within the County, and in the future among counties. The projects aims also at closing, arranging as well as protecting the complete port area of the port of Cres which will positively impact the general development of the island of Cres.

(Photo by: Google images)