Beneficiary:  University of Rijeka

Location of project implementation: Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

Implementation time: 16.01.2015-16.11.2017

Fund: European Regional Development Fund

Program: Competitiveness and Cohesion

Value of the project: HRK 178,629,017.85

Grant amount: HRK 151,834,665.17

National contribution: HRK 26,794,352.68

Description of the project: The project includes the construction of three pavilions for the accommodation of students with a total capacity of 754 beds as well as the construction of supporting infrastructure. All costs amount to € 178,629,017.85 VAT included, which except for the construction includes also the equipping of the pavilions, the construction of supporting infrastructure, management and supervision of the execution of the works and other direct and indirect costs, and will be funded from the European Regional Development Fund.

(Photo by: Google images)